We want to become a Project Partner 7.8.2012

Despite its YOUNG age, he had his name written in the aluminium industry which is in a big competition. He became the general manager of Aksan which is the first aluminium extrusion company of Turkey. As the phrase goes, Abdullah Demir got here by getting back on his feet. 

The plant which was established 54 years ago went under the roof of Demir family and Abdullah Demir determined his targets one by one with his large vision and strategy. He established his team, rolled up his sleeves in order to take firm steps forward. He is quite hopeful about Aksan’s future while he easily manages to survive the hardship thanks to his dynamism in spite of the heavy burden on his shoulders …

What was the target in the relationship with Aksan?

We wanted to add an institution which is the university and school of our industry into our body and do what has not been done or actualize what is less. Thus, we want to go after greater targets by combining the tradition and experience of Aksan with our dynamism.

Where do you want to carry Aksan to?

We’ve reached the happy ending as a result of the 1 year correspondences made with Aktar Family. Here, there was only capital change. Demir family took over this flag and pushed the button in order to take it to better positions. And this is proven with the high technology investment with a 30 thousand square meters indoor space within a 200 decare land in Muratlı. Aksan will be continuing to provide its customers with the same service without any change by more superior technological facilities. In these plants, the leading machines of the aluminium industry Lindemann (Germany), Farrel (USA), Tecalex presses (Spain) and anodic (surface treatment) plant from Monti (Italy) company provides Aksan’s customers with service.

Isn’t such an investment risky because of the financial problem in the world?

No wonder, it’s a risk. We evaluated this risk as an opportunity. We said we are ready considering the geopolitical status, dynamism, industriousness, domestic and foreign consumption of and potential service to be given by our country. And we have always raised the bar in our sales since 2005. Never has the opposite occurred. And we thought that such an investment in this industry will not leave us in the lurch and actualized the project in order to turn risk into advantage.

Which business of Aksan within the sector will make you happy?

The human resources and customers of Aksan company are so valuable for us. Our company predominantly serves the industrial sector. 

Our customer portfolio consists of respectable companies in our country and the world. It is very important for us to see Aksan reach a deserved position. It will make me very happy to see Aksan increase the quality and quantity of its services along with the advantage of being the first plant of our country in this sector and to see our customers say “Only Aksan can do it”. 

Will Aksan put new products into the market when your new plant in Muratlı is active?

Our new plant in Muratlı will have a high capacity. For example, while the surface treatment capacity in our old plant was 7 metres, this treatment will go up to 8,5-9 metres in Muratlı. Besides, the finished products will be produced in mechanical treatment in extrusion products.

Where is your position in the aluminium industry? What are your plans?

Our target does not simply depend on tonnage. Our biggest target is to do what has not been done by others. We want to become a solution partner in the projects within this industry. Besides selling profiles to our customers whom we see as business partners, we want to work in project basis and become a business partner with them.

Moreover, defence industry, aeronautics industry, automobile industry, illumination, heating-cooling, bodywork, machine industry and wagon industry are among our target industries.

You’ve taken big responsibility at a young age. Doesn’t this disturb you?

I’m not alone. After all, I don’t believe one-man management will be successful. But there is always a need for a leader. This is also valid for sports, economy and politics. The team should always apply its’ leader’s vision and spread his opinions. It won’t work if you have an opinion but no group to apply it. We are a good team; we have the strength and capability to overcome all kinds of hardships.

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