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Being engaged in the business of aluminium extrusion since 1958 led us to adopt the slogan “Aluminium is our profile”.

Our philosophy is to combine skill and technical knowledge and produce customer-specific profiles. As a result of our customer oriented strategy and accumulation of technical knowledge, we have a wide product range answering different industries. We aim to share this product diversity with our customers and work within the framework of long-term relationship.

 AKSAN ALUMINIUM continues to serve the greatest organizations of Turkey and the World, make contributions to national economy with its increasing export in the 30 thousand square meters Modern Plant constructed on a 200 decare land in Lüleburgaz-Muratlı with its distinguished staff who has laboured to its quality for 54 years.

 In case of circumstances requiring endurance and stiffness, if weight also poses a problem, aluminium extrusion profiles offer you a brand new alternative. Today’s highly developed standards have taken specialty in aluminium profile manufacturing to the highest level. And we have constructed AKSAN ALUMINIUM, one of the most developed extrusion plants of the world in order to serve in a very wide range without sacrificing quality and production standards.

 Apart from aluminium extrusion, other businesses creating added value such as profile processing, folding and welding are also performed at our plants besides anodic and powder coating.



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