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 In today’s competitive environment, the life of the companies which do not perform R&D, Innovation and Design studies within the limits of their skills or which do not have R&D studies within their strategies gradually shortens. R&D should not only be seen as the business of universities or research institutions and it should be remembered that enterprises will substantially increase their profitability with commercial R&D projects.

Having broken the grounds in the Aluminium Industry, AKSAN Aluminium owes its permanency in the Aluminium industry to its Research and Development Projects since 1958 and working with principles.  


AKSAN R&D department makes researches in two fundamental issues;

1 product development,

2 producing new technologies in order to develop production processes.

Matters of Aluminium on which AKSAN ARGE R&D department works;

Alloy and developing alloy technology

Spinning technology

Optimization of heat treatment processes

Modelling processes and product performance in numerical and physical terms


Corrosion and surface technology

Moulding technology

Welding technology (e.g. LBW, FSW)

Other jointing techniques (mechanical brazing, bonding, jointing)

High speed mechanical processing

Product design support and numerical simulation with technical universities and institutions 


R&D Department Devices and Equipments  

What is R&D?


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