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 Hüsniye who is Vehbi Koç's sister, got married to Emin Aktar.

1947; And Mr. Emin Aktar founded “Türkeli Elevator Company”. Then, Türkeli company took the elevator, escalator manufacturing, assembly and maintenance Turkish agency of Swiss Schlieren company under the name of “Schlieren Türkeli”. And “Lebe Brothers”, one of the old companies, became the agency of Schindler company. Schindler and Schlieren were two different elevator companies in Switzerland.

Mr. Emin Aktar and Koç Group founded a company for Schlieren and Hausan, yet they separated after a short while. Koç Group assigned Hausan Elevator Company to another company. Schlieren remained with Mr. Emin Aktar.

In 1992 Shindler Company bought Wertheim, Schlieren Companies in Switzerland. Therefore, Schlieren Türkeli Company directly worked as a Swiss Company under the name of “Schindler Group”.

1948; Emin Aktar and Vehbi Koç collaborated with General Electric and implemented the first bulb plant and the first foreign partnership investment in Turkey (Topkapı/Istanbul).

1958; Emin Aktar, who terminated his partnership with Vehbi Koç, founded AKSAN Metal Industry and Trade Co.Ltd. AKSAN Metal continued its activities as an Incorporated Company as of 1986. (Kartal/Istanbul)

1958; Grease press and brass rod and copper tube manufacturing started (Kartal/Istanbul).

1965; In addition to establishing 600 tons of SACK press and brass rod and copper tube manufacturing, aluminium profile manufacturing started.

1968; Agricultural system sprinkler tubes manufacturing started.

1968; Business with Otosan Company started and manufacturing of profiles such as panels and ceiling rainwater gutters, seats, steps, decks of Anadol-Fiat cars were made.

1968; Only the cooling motors were bought from outside and manufacturing showcase refrigerators started. This manufacturing was ended in 1972.

1969; With the establishment of 2000 tons of LİNDEMANN Press, aluminium joinery manufacturing started. The first products were used in Ankara Hotel, Ankara Stat Hotel and Izmir Hotel.

1969; With LİNDEMANN Pres, a unary Anodic plant was built.

1969; Television antenna manufacturing started under the name of TÜRKELİ company and sales were performed throughout Turkey.

1995; Radiator manufacturing started under the brand of ALUTHERM and this manufacturing continued until 2002.

2003; Caravan door manufacturing started for Dometic Seitz company. This manufacturing has been continued increasing in models and quantity.

2007; Trailer door project was implemented wit TEMSA company, and this project came to end with the withdrawal of the company from the market.


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