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The matters on which the automotive producers place emphasis are less fuel consumption and high safety. Aluminium reduces fuel consumption and emission values in automobiles which are designed to be lighter when compared to steel and sheet components. And with its ability to absorb impacts and developable mechanical properties, it conveniently meets the highest safety requirements in impact tests. Moreover, thanks to its providing aluminium automobiles with structural stability, the vehicle’s being lighter and more stable against macro buckling in sudden direction changes will correct the direction more comfortably and allow control on the road. Besides all these, it is the indispensable material of the automobiles of the present and the future with its high corrosion resistance, easy moulding and being 100% recyclable. Aluminium materials are widely used in the engine casings, chassis, Brake systems, Dampers of the automobiles, heat exchangers and many other details of Air-conditioning systems. High power to weight ratio and manufacturing flexibility are solutions for many of the problems which are encountered in the automobile industry. 

Parts given by AKSAN Aluminium to Automotive Industry;

* Inner and outer casing panels, frames

* Chassis components,

* Radiator profiles,

* Extrusion profiles,

* Packaged profile parts with finished mechanical operation 


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