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Being light, high strength, energy efficient and high temperature resisting, Aluminium is a perfect choice for aeronautical applications. Aluminium plays a very important role in increasing product performance for plane, helicopter, space and military equipment manufacturers. Aluminium material applications are involved in jet vehicles, wings, bodies, rims, landing gears and stability systems.


AKSAN is an important supplier for plane manufacturers. With an experience of more than 50 years, it supplies the most innovative materials in the highest quality standards with almost all features which may be required by an individual customer. These are Hard Aluminium Alloys which are used in steering valves in round and flat shapes by which complex chips are lifted and drilling operations are applied, (exposed to high structural loads) landing gears, fuel adapters and heat exchangers.


AKSAN plants and production equipments are among the best ones within their industry. In our own special foundry, we are able to produce blooms and billets containing 100 percent ultrasonic tested plane alloys whose spectral analyses are made, and we are able to produce profiles which are required by Aeronautics and Space Industry with our presses which can perform special alloy aluminium profile extrusion. 


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