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AKSAN is one of the leading Aluminium suppliers of many industrial departments.  

Being light, endurable and highly mouldable,

Being too resistant against corrosion under heavy conditions,

Not being discoloured,

Not having any toxic reaction,

Having good electric and thermal conductivity,

Good reflection of heat and light,

Easily producible in complex moulds,

Offering the option of wide range of surface operations,


Some industrial sectors to which we serve with these properties;


With more than 100 years of light, producability and good corrosion and fatigue strength, AKSAN Aluminium profiles are frequently used in Maritime and ship industry. They are used in ship deck masts, pulpits, cabin windows, decorative angles etc. forms. Availability of decorative surface treatments such as anodic, gold and chromium coating makes aluminium the most important material of Maritime industry.


AKSAN Aluminium profiles are indispensible materials in heating, cooling, irrigation, installation valves and couplers due to its ability of mechanical treatment, producability and especially good corrosion resistance.


AKSAN Aluminium profiles are used in dentists’ seats to handicapped cars, stretchers and hospitals and many medical fields where toxic reactions are not wanted in the laboratory.



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