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 AKSAN ALÜMİNYUM R&D department is a unit with technological equipments.  

The devices are listed below.

SOIF brand metal microscope (1000x- 1250x)

R&D Press -250 tons

Profile Projector

Sample cutting machine (Metkon  METACUT-M 250 model)

Sample sandpapering and polishing device ( Metkon FORCIPOL 2V – Grinder-Polisher model)

Hardness testing device (Affri  206 RTSD model – brinell ;super rockwell N and T scales)

Hardness testing device (0,1 kg and 2,5 kg load applicable with Zwick Brand Micro-Vickers, Micro-Brinell, Micro-Knoop ends)

Metallurgy microscope (Nikon ECLIPSE MA100 inverted model -500x enlargement. )

Consumable of chemicals and devices (acids, bases, chemical substances, cutting disks, sandpapers, diamond paste, colloidal silica and alumina etc.)

Tensile testing device (5kN load-cell tension, compression and bending tests can be made from Teknodinamik company. – high temperature furnace is also available as an apparatus for material deformation behaviour in high temperature)

Mitotoyo surface roughness device

Sample drying and marking device

Contact and contactless temperature measurement devices

Portable hardness device

Sample moulding apparatus and raw material (polyester)

Olympus 1000x enlarging inverted microscope

ARL brand spectrometer

Heat treatment furnace ( 1 with 480 C,  1 with 250 C)

Assay balance


pH metre, gloss metre, non-destructive thickness measurement devices

Reaction cell for electrolytic polishing and solution and DC-AC double output power supply 

Pilot eloxal-anodic oxidation- pool and rectifier  


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